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Providing Career Development, Employment and Business Workshops

Intern & Extern-ship program

*** Optional *** Career Opportunity

Offered as an incentive to participants who have limited skill-set experience and needing assistance finding replicable job opportunities. Participants are selected on a case-by-case basis, depending on sponsored employers availability. 

In exchange for receiving training, selective students will be encouraged to participate in our Internship and Externship Programs. 

The main focus for Internship and Externship Program is to increase hands-on working experience and skill-set abilities in the areas of general office, administration, management, secretarial, leadership and liaison.


Individuals who have limited skills, education and experience will be selected as "primary" for internship and externship opportunities.

Our staff will reach out on behalf of best fitted candidates offering them an opportunity to increase his or her skill-sets in their desired field of choice and connect with strong affiliations that can offer them employment on the spot.

The internship and externship opportunities are short-term and will range across various fields and occupations.

Each selected candidate will be monitored and evaluated based on performance, participation, promptness, appearance, attitude and behavior.

                                                                              Internship Candidates:   

Must volunteer to work at our corporate office or off-site store location during an agreed upon durational period. Weekly gas vouchers or public transportation passes may be offered during durational period. Candidates may be required to successfully complete the Internship Program before consideration of the Externship Program.

                                                                               Externship Candidates:   

May be required to volunteer or offered considerable wage to work at a partnered small business, corporation or organization during an agreed upon "trial" based period to increase chances for stable employment consideration, including higher paid wages. --For those volunteering, a weekly gas voucher or public transportation passes may be issued during the trial period. --For those receiving a considerable wage, "no" weekly gas vouchers or public transportation passes will be offered or issued during the trial period.

Gas vouchers and public transportation passes will begin the 2nd week after the start of rendered services and will be issued for scheduled days approved by Strategic Change, Inc. Vouchers and/or passes will continue only for days that are proven volunteered through appropriate paperwork submitted to Strategic Change, Inc. from assigned managers and/or administrators via:  

                                 Fax:   (817) 582.0002      or     Email:   Melissa@StrategicChangeInc.org

*** Our Intern & Extern-ship Programs has a defined structure and protocol foundation. Each candidate will be thoroughly screened, assessed and provided an employment plan. ... Further information will be later provided to those selected to participate in program.