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Providing Career Development, Employment and Business Workshops


Our mission is to eliminate cycles of educational failure and inadequacy by helping people find their way to self-sufficiency and social mobility through skill-set training, remedial learning, job placement and other opportunities.

Adult Programs are primarily for individuals who are:  

  • a.)   Unwed or single mothers ages:  18 - 25 
  • b.)   Minority women and men ages:  25 - 55

Individuals must provide proofing of, at least, one of the following:

  • a.)   Low-Income, Un or Under Employed   
  • b.)   Entering or Re-Entering Workforce
  • c.)   Vocational Learner
  • d.)   Un or Under Education w/minimal skill-sets
  • e.)   "Non" Violent Ex-Offender needing Re-Entry Assistance

Participants are selected on a case-by-case basis.

Selected participants must attend up to 2-days per week for up-to 1-2 hours, depending on session.

No materials are necessary. -- All course related materials will be provided.

Due to misuse ... We "no longer" offer totally free courses.

Each participant pricing varies depending on income level and guidelines.

An one-time "NON-Refundable" Administrative Fee of $125.00 is required from all applicants.

Each submitted application "must" accompany an Administrative Fee.

*** Be advised ***:  In such case that your application is declined, the Administrative Fee, less $60.00 (charge for Background Screening), will be refunded.

The "non-refundable" Administrative Fee covers the cost of:

  • a.)   Admissions
  • b.)   Background Screening  
  • c.)   Printed Course Materials

Successful students of one or more of the Adult Program may:

  • a.)   Participate in our " Intern / Extern Program "
  • b.)   Receive a "free" voucher for our  " Signature YOU! Professional Closet "
  • c.)   Receive " Certificate of Completion "

*** Application download can be found at the bottom of this page.  ***

Inform us by downloading the application and submitting it, either:

*** Be Advised ***:  

PLEASE be honest when applying ... applicants who fail to tell the truth in relationship to income, background and/or any other statuses will be immediately declined and/or terminated from program.

Each Program is set on a routine schedule. -- Times and dates will be discussed during your initial phone call. --If we do not have a schedule that meet your demand, we may hold your application in pending status awaiting a schedule change for up to (6) months of the initial application submission date.

*** Pending applications held after (6) months will be voided and destroyed, by which will require you to re apply with a new Administrative Fee. -- Reapplying does not initiate an immediate approval.


Our Adult Programs

Program #1: Front Office Administration


An Extensive Secretarial & Accounting Program with Financial Certification Opportunities.

Program #2: Basic Computer Literacy & Speed Keyboarding


Computer Science Training, Speed Keyboarding  Internet, Micro-Applications & More.

Program #3: Employment Preparation & Resume Writing


Preparation for gainful employment, resume writing, mock interviewing & job assistance.

Intern & Extern-ship Program


Is an optional incentive to the Adult Advancement Program only. 

Signature YOU! Professional Closet


A 2nd-hand store that sells his and hers new & slightly used business attire & accessories.

Adult Program Certificates


"A person who tries to do something and fails is infinitely better than one who tries to do nothing and succeeds"                              --Unknown

Adult Program Schedules


Adult Program Application