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Become A Board of Director Member

The primary mission is to promote, enrich and develop self-sufficiency among low-to-moderate income and At-Risk populations through social resources, advocacy, education and training.

An "ineligible" applicant is one who is an owner, employed, planning to become employed or planning to own an organization or business that is remotely similar, same or in comparison to Strategic Change, Inc. and/or if you currently reside on a Board or have strong affiliation to a party who is on a Board of an organization or business remotely similar, same or in comparison to Strategic Change, Inc.


Board of Director sessions are "closed" to the public. Each Director has delegate responsibilities of the overall policy and direction of the organization. The Board of Director members meet, with the exception of special meetings, at least four times throughout each year to assist the Senior Executive Director and staff with programmatic implementation, fiduciary and other matters necessary for setting goals and objectives for a sustainable future. Each Board of Director Member must monetarily pledge per each term served. The Board of Director meetings are held quarterly, conducted on Thursday or Saturday, for no more than 3 hours per session. 

Free snacks/meals are served during each session.

Members serves 1.5 term, the equivalency of 18-months with probable opportunity to renew.

As a member you must:

1.  Commit to a absolute confidential clause, in relationship, to all "closed" sessions of the Board

2.  Interpret the organization's work & values to the community and promote the organization

3.  Attend at least 90% of meetings held

4.  Monetarily contribute toward operation efforts, at a level that is meaningful

5.  Actively participate in events, primarily Fundraisers, GALA and Meet&Greets

6.  Act in the best interest of the organization

7.  Excuse "self" from discussions and votes where a conflict of interest may be questionable

8.  Participate in and take responsibility for making decisions on issues, policies and other matters

9.  Work in good faith with staff and other members toward goal achievement

The Membership positions are vitally important to our management and operative teams.

The process of becoming a member is similar to gaining corporate employment.

We encourage you to apply by submitting your cover letter and resume to, email:                                        Melissa@StrategicChangeInc.org

Someone will contact you to verify and set an initial appointment for Board membership screening. 


Monetary amounts gifted are absolute non-refundable, non-transferable and non-charged back.

Membership Dues are 100% Income Tax Deductible, contribution statement is issued annually in January. 

We appreciate your interest.