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Providing Career Development, Employment and Business Workshops

Case Management Support

                                         May or may "not" be offered as a free or discounted service

                                                Some services may or may "not" be currently offered

1.   Government Assistance (HHSC):    

Offered to anyone needing social service assistance. Our benefit support team will assist you with applying, managing and enrolling in TANF,  SNAP,  CHIP,  Medicaid,  Medicare and Disability. In addition, we administer free nutritional planning and healthy lifestyle workshops to aid in the processes of better living

2.   Signature "You" Professional Closet:

Vouchers are issued to those who are awarded free items, others may shop and purchase items at minimal cost. Monies made on purchases are used to replenish the closet. Professional business attire is mainly stocked in store.

3.   Intern/Extern Program:

Offered as an incentive to participants who have limited skill-set experience and needing assistance finding replicable job opportunities. Participants are selected on a case-by-case basis, depending on sponsored employers availability.

4.   Medical / Clinical Assistance:

Our benefit support team assist with locating, scheduling and arranging medical and clinical assistance on the behalf of:  depression, anger, dependencies, medication issues, trauma and medically-related illnesses.

5.    Medical Prescription Assistance:    

Our benefit support team assist with the approval processes with pharmaceutical partnerships for free to reduced low pricing on medications to individuals who do not have health insurance or cannot afford the cost of medications.

6.   Kinship Care Assistance:

Utilizing collaborative partnerships to provide supportive services to grandparents or other relatives who care for children whose own parents are unable or refuse to adequately provide for them.  We administer meetings, outings, social services, legal aid referrals of, but are not limited to: guardianship, custody, child support, divorce. -- Many of the services offered are either pro-bono or minimally reduced cost.

7.   Post-Secondary Assistance:    

Providing enrollment and choice-option referral assistance for High School, GED, college and trade schools. In addition, we will assist with field-related scheduling and FAFSA for grants, loans, work study and scholarship opportunities. 

8.   Job Placement Assistance:  

Provides work-related preparation, short-term remediation, referrals and follow-up assistance for employment garnering and apprenticeship opportunities. In addition, we provide resume preparation and resume critiquing services, at a minimal cost.

9.   Layoff Transition Assistance:

Provides transitional services to laid off or dislocated individuals of our programs with assistance for unemployment insurance process and providing information about training, skills-upgrading resources and more.

10.   College Placement Test Preparation:  

Provides assistance to students or potential students who need to take state-required placement examinations in math, reading and writing. We assist in areas of TSI, GMAT, ESL, SAT, CLEP and Accuplacer. Practice components can be administered in our computer lab at our Arlington location or at any location, through our Testing Center. Individuals of this portion will have access 24 hours a day for up to 4 weeks at a time. 

11.   U.S. Veteran Benefit Assistance:  

Individual must provide proof of veteran designation and must be a participant of the Adult Program. Individuals of the Veteran Benefit Assistance program will have help with the application process of most every veteran assistance program, including housing, GI Bill, medical and life insurance.

12.   Remedial Coaching Assistance:

Individually or within a group, Remedial Coaching Assistance will help with significant problems in day-to-day abilities in goal-setting and career-finding. This is "NOT" a form of psychotherapy ... rather we concentrate on aspects related to corporate and business structures -- co-creating plans of action to help individuals move forward in achievements, while performing at higher levels in life. In fact, there will be absolutely "NO" in-depth analysis performed ... we use simple, pragmatic problem-solving and critical thinking techniques as leverage to strong listening, action plan development, deepening communication skills, resolving conflicting issues and nurture interpersonal relationships. As partners to our clients, we will perform assessments to ascertain needs. In addition, we will utilize a networking system to help in other areas of professional counseling and therapeutic healing, by which outsource networking assistance could result at cost to client. 

13.   Outsourced Financial Assistance:

Struggles are real and we are here to help in as many areas of need as possible. As a benefit assistance program, we can assist you in locating and receiving monetary help for food, clothing, rent, electric, water, gas, medical and other basic utilities.

14.   Other Support Services

Providing low cost, premium services to anyone, participant or otherwise. Some of the services include small business consulting, income tax preparation, employment/job placement and referral, critiquing services and more.