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May Apply For Multiple Benefits

Strategic Change, Inc. is 211 Texas Health Certified:    Click For Authenticity

Community Outreach Services is a one-stop life-line support program that helps men, women, youth and children receive benefits they need in order to live more efficient lives. The wrap-around program fills economic and social gaps  with resources needed for most every critical phase in life. The resources we provide are offered to anyone of the general population, primarily throughout the Dallas / Fort Worth metropolitan areas or anyone residing in the State of Texas. 

As a partner, we can assist with accessing, applying, renewing and managing government assistant aid. Specific documentation is required for eligibility. Services are provided in our most common English dialect. If the English dialect is NOT your first language or language barrier possibility, please bring a reliable and trustworthy translator or someone to help you through the process. 

Services include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • SNAP Food Benefits,  Medicaid,  Medicaid Perinatal,  CHIP  (Children's Health Insurance Program),
  • CHIP Perinatal,  Long-Term Care Services,  TANF Cash Help for Families,  Medicare  (Standard)

Contact us, Monday - Friday:  10:00 am - 5:00 pm for your scheduled appointment:   (972) 915-6100   


                                                                        Clients Right to Appeal

                                                            SNAP, Medicaid, CHIP  or  TANF

Clients have a right to appeal in person, by phone or in writing for 90 Days following any eligibility decision.   Appeals are requested, by either:

  • a.)   Calling 2-1-1
  • b.)   Coming into our office
  • c.)   Calling a local HHSC office
  • d.)   Signing and returning the eligibility notice received from HHSC


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