Editorial & Critiquing Services

No Templates ● Handwritten Notations ● You "must" Polish!

Our Critiquing Service is the next step toward increasing your chance in the market place.

We will turn your original document into a rough draft and mark it up to perfection.

Utilizing keynote markings of your current document, we will:

  • >   Abstract unnecessary explanations
  • >   Pinpoint specific areas ... with explanations
  • >   Incorporate key-wording that Investors look for
  • >   And, forward you a dissected draft for you to complete

All modifications, editing and adjustments are authentic to your specific need.

We critique and edit most any document, including:

  • Resumes and Cover Letters:
    • Entry Level
    • Professional 
    • Executive
    • Career Change
  • Business Plans
  • Grant Proposals
  • Personal and Business Letters 
  • Manuscripts, Compositions, Literature of most any kind

Documents must be submitted "double or triple" spaced.

Keynote markings may be handwritten notated on original document or typed as paragraph reference.

Paragraph Reference may be additionally charged.

  • ***  Once document is critiqued or reviewed, it is expected that finalization is prepared by customer.
  • ***  Strategic Change, Inc. consultation team do "not" finalize or polish any customer document. 

Services and pricing are provided by our Senior Director of Programs.

Pricing is prepaid, final sale. -- NO refunds.

For an estimate or quote, contact us directly at:  (972) 919-6100  or  through email:                                                                 Melissa@StrategicChangeInc.org