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Providing Career Development, Employment and Business Workshops

Become A Community Forum Member

Discount Savings on Classes and Services!

The Community Forum Membership provides offers:

       1.)    Access quality education at a highly discounted rate

       2.)    Networking with other members within various communities

       3.)    Emails, updates, newsletters and special event notifications

       4.)    First seating notifications for public held class 

       5.)    Attend celebratory events at discounted rates

       6.)    Participate in Community Forum meetings are for the purposes of projecting communal outcomes, identifying resources, suggesting improvement, raising issues of concerns, responding to existing problems and identifying needs that are beyond the existing scopes of the organization

The Community Forum Membership consist of community partners, business owners, educators and anyone (18) years or older who has completed registration and has a desire to labor on the behalf of a higher purposes.

Dues are good for one year from date of payment. 

-   Monthly Membership of  $45.00 or a discounted one-time, annual membership of $480.00

-   Consultation Service Discount of 10% off each service hour

-   Signature YOU! Professional Closet Discount of  10%  off items, fashionable accessories and jewelry are excluded

-   Free admission to the Community Forum Meetings, held quarterly

-   Meetings held 2 times per month, subsequent sessions scheduled at end of each meeting

The Community Forum meetings are closed-session to member only and held before the scheduled Board of Directors meeting by which discussed topics, issues and concerns are motioned to the central Board for review, consideration and/or ruling.

Individual members will be issued an official membership card with an assigned Membership ID#.

After your submission, someone will contact you for verification of the Membership Application. 

Membership Dues may be paid, over-the-phone, during the verification process. 

Payments will not be processed until after the application have been verified.

Membership status will be considered incomplete until membership dues are satisfied and verification is completed.


Monetary amounts gifted are absolute non-refundable, non-transferable and non-charged back.

Membership Dues are 100% Income Tax Deductible, contribution statement is issued annually in January.


Support, Networking Opportunities and Money-Saving Discounts are yours when you join forces with us!

Download the "Community Forum" application, fill out completely and either,:

Email to:   Melissa@StrategicChangeInc.org

Fax to:    (817) 582-0002

Files coming soon.