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Come celebrate with us: gala Dinner Event

A Formal Affair ... Save The Date!

The GALA Dinner Event is given on behalf of both Youth and Adult Programs.

  • Includes:   Appetizers, Dinner & Give-A-Ways
  • Includes:   Incentives, i.e., Scholarships, Graduation Gifts, Awards, Certificates, etc.
  • Includes:   Entertainment, Ice Breakers and Keynote Speakers
  • Professional Photography and Video Footage Captured

Due to policy changes, we are unable to accept:   Checks, Debit or Credit Cards

Registrations must be made by:    Money Order,  Cashier's Check  or  Cash


                                                                 GALA ATTENDEES

  • Participants:     $ FREE     w/purchase of (1) Family/Friend Entry Ticket
  • Special Honoree, Sponsor, Guest:     $ FREE
  • Family, Friends and other Attendees:     $ 50.00 per Entry Ticket
  • Sponsorship Honoree Levels:     Bronze,  Silver,  Gold

                                                                       GALA POLICY

  • Program participants include both:  Youth and Adults
  • Program participants are not required to attend, however is encouraged to come.
  • Participants and attendees must pre-register for event. 
  • Paid registration is absolute "NON" refundable, unless cancelled by organization.
  • Awards, door prizes, scholarships, in-kind gifts, certificates, referrals and certifications will be issued.
  • GALA Alumni Events are announced approximately (3) months of in advance, per location. 
  • Number of registration must be no less than (70) attendees.
  • In the event of (70) or less paid registrants, administration will determine probable cancellation.

Our anticipated participation rules are as follows:

  • 1.)   (35) or more current Program Participants on Roster

                           -   Registration is FREE,  w/purchase of (1) family or friend entry ticket

                           -   No family or friend,  program participant must pay for his or her entry.

  • 2.)   (35) or more Family or Friend Attendees on Roster

                           -   Must "NOT" be a current participant of program

                                                                  GALA CANCELLATION POLICY

  • GALA Alumni Event tickets are absolute "NON" refundable, unless cancelled by organization.
  • In cases of purchased tickets but are unable to attend, tickets may be issued to one who can attend.
  • Cancellations issued by organization may or not be announced prior to event, however full refund will be issued.
  • Refund will be issued only to address specified on pre-registration form, unless written notification of change.
  • Written notification of change must be made within (7) days of or following the date of cancellation. 
  • Refunds will be issued by organizational checks only.  --- Unfortunately, we are unable to charge back cards.
  • Refunds will be mailed within (30) days of or following date of cancellation.