"Not" A Training Program. ** Services are at'cost to the Client **

 We have the ability to educate you on your tax situation.

Our knowledge base will give satisfaction, while increasing and improving bottom-line and future growth potential.

We are known to maximize bottom line figures of tax returns.

We will make sure you take advantage of every legal deduction available to you.

We service in every capacity:

  1. Levels:
    • State
    • Federal
    • Local
    • General Population:
    • Individual
    • Small Business

  1. Entities:
    • Proprietor
    • Partnership
    • Limited Liability
    • S-Corporation
    • Most all C-Corporation

Our Income Tax Preparation Service include:

  • Un-Filed Tax Returns
  • Problematic Tax Returns
  • Prior Year Amendments
  • Deficiencies and Modifications
  • Year-End Preparation

Services and pricing are provided by our Senior Executive Director of Career Programs.

Pricing is prepaid, final sale. -- NO refunds.

For an estimate or quote, contact us directly at:  (972) 919-6100  or  through email:                                                                 Melissa@StrategicChangeInc.org