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Providing Career Development, Employment and Business Workshops

Helping adults reach employment success

Education ● Teaching ● Training ● Self-Sufficiency

                                                            For anyone 18 years and older

We will diligently assist you in the process of becoming more self-sufficient, the Employment Placement and Referral Program can help most anyone find suitable employment opportunities.

We will assess your likes and dislikes through consultation, formulate an action plan, locate opportunities and scout jobs on your behalf.  

In addition, we will assist with your job searches, resume and interviewing skill-sets; helping you to appeal to an open market.

Resume critiquing or preparation and interviewing assistance is separately priced and may be charged at a per hour rate. 

Additional charges are prepaid, non-refundable.

Schedule your appointment with us, we would be happy to help you get placed.

Perfect for those who:

  • -   Has limited connections 
  • -   Experience difficulty finding a job
  • -   Are technologically challenged
  • -   Has a felonious, misdemeanor or poor background
  • -   Has minimal job experience or skill-sets

                                             Reaching out ... over and beyond for YOU! 

We are "unable" to guarantee any specific placement or interviewing opportunities.

Services and pricing are provided by our Senior Executive Director of Career Programs.

Pricing is prepaid, final sale. -- NO refunds.

For an estimate or quote, contact us directly at:  (972) 919-6100  or  through email:                                                                 Melissa@StrategicChangeInc.org