Remedial & Transitional Career Coaching

Helping You To Develop Your Professional Self

                                                                             Ask yourself the following:     


                                                             Do you not know what career path to take?

                                                  Are you unsure or confused about your next steps?

                                  Are you in a career path that is not giving you much satisfaction?

                         Are you experiencing a difficult time figuring out what you want to do?

                                          Where you are now ... do it represent who you really are?

                                      Are you ready and willing to change, but cannot figure it out?

                                                                          Give us a try ... We can HELP!

Strategic Change, Inc. will:

  • -  Help close gaps between where you are and where you want to be.
  • -  Determine what your skills and passions are.
  • -  Examine critical elements to your "person" in helping you to overcome odds.
  • -  Develop an execution plan that can be immediately applied.
  • -   Abstract positives, matching them to find appropriate paths.
  • -  Collaborated with Leadership Etiquette we will provide:
  • -  Activities for projecting and honing most desired image through role-play
  • -  One-on-one discussions for goal setting and personal development
  • -  Mediation for social and presentation development
  • -  Knowledge-building and life-skill education

Our goal is to help you develop more confidence and realistic levels that prepares you for a competitive world.

Services and pricing are provided by our Senior Executive Director of Career Programs.

Pricing is prepaid, final sale. -- NO refunds.

For an estimate or quote, contact us directly at:  (972) 919-6100  or  through email: