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Providing Career Development, Employment and Business Workshops

Our Workshops & Seminars


# 1: Employment Preparation & Mock Interview

With so many individuals furthering their education and entering or reentering the job force creates a multitude of interviewers for fewer job positions and it makes gaining stable employment challenging. This module helps you better prepare yourself and fine-tune areas that are certain to make you stand out in the job market. This module will build confidence and offer techniques, that if utilized, could get you the job of a lifetime. 


# 2: Small Business Structuring & Alignment

Offer practical ideas and solutions to systematically help structure your business and achieve greater efficiency, productivity and profit. The Business Plan and marketing components will offer ideas that will increase customer base, sales and revenue. In addition it will offer ways that can help you finance or upgrade your establishment. 


# 3: Entrepreneurial Development

Whether you are thinking about starting a new business, you are a start-up or is an existing business owner, this module will offer innovative ideas that can be immediately implemented or used to improve upon your creative ideas. The implementation component will help you align clear goals, objections and expectations needed to help your company increase likelihoods for growth and productivity.  


# 4: Non-Profit Establishment

If you ever wanted to learn the ends and outs of how to start, regulate and become an effective force in your community, this module is for you. The 501 component will give you regulatory information useful in making certain your organization stays in compliance. We provide assistance with "Grant Proposal Writing" at:    www.ConsultingYOU.net  


# 5: Business Compliance & Regulation

Is considered Part 2 of Modules # 2, # 3 and # 4. This module will help you conform to rules, specifications, policies and standards. In addition, it will encourage you to achieve efforts toward assuring the proper and necessary steps are taken to comply with relevant and current laws. The A/P, A/R and Internal Revenue components will offer guidelines to avoid violations and possible federal fines. 


One-On-One Consultation Services

Consulting YOU! provide advisory services on behalf of starting, developing and aligning entrepreneurs for small business and non-profit ownership. We, primarily, focus on the developmental, operational and regulatory processes in order to help you formulate ideas, strategies and necessary essentials toward proper management and advancement opportunities that are awaiting for your new or existing company.  Find out more:    www.ConsultingYOU.net

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