One-on-one Consulting Services

** A custom-service tailored specifically for businesses & its owners **

                                                   Progress always start by asking simple questions:

  • Are you confused or frustrated about your next personal, career or financial steps?
  • Do you need more office, administration and accounting skill-sets?
  • Are you moving in the right direction with your new or existing small business or organization?
  • Do you need help learning how to regulate your business financially?
  • Do you have the right people, policies and systems  in place to take you or your business to the next level?
  • Can we help you achieve success and effectiveness in relationship to your goals and objectives?

                       If you answered "YES" to any of these questions ... perhaps, it is time for a change ...

According to the National Business Association, small business owners frequently lack two critical elements in growing their businesses and becoming highly successful. They lack overall operational knowledge  (core competencies)  and the time to learn the critical operational areas of running a small business or organization. It is because of this learning gap that consultation services,  like or similar to ours,  exist. 


One-on-one Consulting Services is useful to new and existing business owners of most any kind, educational centers program or projects, faith-based community organizations, ministries, institutions, agencies, group homes, wellness centers, public service organizations, etc. 


Utilizing your already existing ideas, we will help you understand the underlining processes toward upward movement and advancement by dissecting key elements and helping you formulate the most effective and efficient plan needed for the population that you serve.

In addition to answering relative questions and providing feedback, our essential cores of the service is to improve your current situation by:

  • Providing Practical Ideas
  • Analyzing Trends and Patterns
  • Formulating Creative Ideas & Solutions
  • Identify Areas For Improvement

We will offer a methodical approach on how to increase operational efficiency and maximize growth in a manner that you can understand, while pinpointing relevant aspects of your business rather than only one specific, targeted area so that a clear, precise and concrete plan can be immediately executed.


One-on-one Consulting will focus exclusively on:

  •  Understanding business management functions, theories, procedures, requirements
  •  Building a strong knowledge base and develop effective managerial, leadership skills
  •  Learning values of decision-making, ethics, social responsibility, networking
  •  Learning how to effectively achieve goals through planning, organizing, structuring, staffing, leading, controlling, developing, implementing
  • Recognizing opportunities, changes in economy, critical conditions in global market places
  • Training in responsibilities of market research, financing, budgeting, grant writing and maintaining company / business records
  • Help you in collaboration, communication, leadership, networking
  • Help understand audit processes, loan originations, payroll taxes, consumer credit, employee / employer management
  • Offer best practices, problem-solving strategies, reporting and much more 

*** BE ADVISED ***: 

                     There is not any particular order by which to learn ... During your "Pre-Screening" ... we will                                        fine-tone your exact need and structure your consultation accordingly. 

                                  In addition, you purchase the amount of hours you desire (2-hour minimum).

Consulting Service Agreement should be all inclusive for the following, per each consultation session:   

  • Security Deposit Clearance
  • Pre-Screening
  • Type of Service:   On-Site, Off-Site and/or Virtual   (See explanation below)
  • Number of Consulting Hours,  Minimum (2) Hours
  • Travel, Mileage, Accommodations, if applicable 
  • Feedback:  Comp Review Analyses   (Complimentary)

Consulting Services are rendered:      By Appointment Only

  • (1.)    In-Person:    At office :   3010 LBJ Freeway,  12th Floor,  Suite 1202,  Dallas, TX  75234
  • (2.)   Off-Site:   At nearby "public" locations within 50 circumference miles, round-trip,  from office location.                **** Additional Mileage Rates will apply ****
  • (3.)   Online-Virtually:   Business Virtual Office ... Path issued once setup fee is fully paid
  • (4.)   Phone:   Used for "Pre-Screening" only ...  "NO" over-the-phone Consultations allowed

Consultation Services are charged "upfront" per hour, with a 2-hr minimum.  

Absolutely "NO" refunds, add'l discounts, credits, waivers, free services and/or partial payments.

Payments made toward services are non-reimbursable, therefore non-refundable once paid. 

Each service to be rendered must accompany an application, signed agreement and payment:

VISA,  MasterCard, Discover, Money Order, Cashier's Check or Cash      -- NO Checks Allowed

Services and pricing are provided by our Senior Executive Director of Career Programs.

Pricing is prepaid, final sale. -- NO refunds.

For an estimate or quote, contact us directly at:  (972) 919-6100  or  through email:                                                        

Most Popular Topics / Recommended Hours

Most services can be administered: On-Site, Off-Site and Virtually Online