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Providing Career Development, Employment and Business Workshops

Become A Sponsor or Partner

Individuals and businesses are encouraged to sponsor in efforts to support our community through career development education and employment preparation.

There are (2) ways to offer individuals an helping hand:

  1.  Sponsorship:   To sponsor a person of your choice or a person selected by the organization to participate in a program or consultation service. Your sponsorship can be for any amount, desired ... the amount will decrease the balance of person by which you sponsor.  
  2.  Partnership:  To partner with the organization by offering collaborative services, bartering or working collectively in ways that will benefit both parties and the individual(s) we serve. 

Sponsoring and partnering efforts provide an unique opportunity to combine philanthropy with community outreach.

Our services promote a wealth of education, networking and advancement opportunities to those who otherwise would not have what he or she needs for upward progression.

In addition, your membership will underwrite signature events designed to celebrate, support and recognize achievements of each participant.

All event Sponsor Membership packages include exposure at events with prominent community leaders, donors and volunteers. 

We have extensive incentive packages that range from:  "Free" VIP Seating, Advertisements, Recognition and much more.

All incentive packages will be discussed during the verification process of your submitted application. 

Monetary amounts gifted are absolute non-refundable, non-transferable and non-charged back.

Membership Dues are 100% Income Tax Deductible, contribution statement is issued annually in January. 



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