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Providing Career Development, Employment and Business Workshops

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                                                            OUR MISSION STATEMENT

To increase self-sufficiency, reduce economic hardships, close employment and professional, career gaps among populations who desire remedial education, skill-set training and wrap-around consulting and advisory services. 


We believe people, of various diversities and backgrounds, are under-served and lack necessary advancement opportunities because assistance, like or similar to ours, are oftentimes, out of reach and un-affordable.

                                                                         OUR VISIONARY STATEMENT

We aim to empower, educate and mentor individuals and leaders, alike, toward their next steps to live more stable, productive and successful lifestyles.

                                                                                             ABOUT US

Since early 2010, Strategic Change Inc. has provided in-house, corporate support of career development, employment and small business training programs, in addition to, offering job referral and placement services and government benefit assistance through our affiliated partnership with HHSC to many local low-income, at-risk, HUD and reacclimated residents of the DFW metropolitan areas.  The services responded to the increasing rate of unemployment, economic hardships and low performances within the workforce.

Our primary target focuses were minority and urban communities of, but were not limited to:

  • At-Risk, High-Risk and Under-served, Low-Income Populations
  • Teen Pregnancy, Un-wed Mothers, Ages 18-24
  • Reintegrated, Reacclimated Populations:  Veterans/Corrections/Recovery

In 2014, the organization received tax-exemption status for the purpose of 501c3 designation, providing social service benefit assistance and support case management services under the tutelage for Health and Human Service Commission (HHSC). 

We encourage you to DONATE on behalf of our mission to continue to serve local communities.

Giving a contribution of any size is 100%  Income Tax deductible for you and your business.

By 2016, Strategic Change, Inc. had collaborated with Tarrant County and Dallas Independent School Districts in assisting High School students to further advance themselves by way of scholarship seeking, transitional career coaching and employment training.  The programs responded to the increased number academic failure rates and the lack of post-secondary assistance among High School and adolescent youths ages 16-21, who were preparing for their future beyond post-secondary and first year trade, college and university. 


The primary target focuses were minority and urban communities of, but were not limited to:

  • At-Risk Students:  9th - 12th  Grades
  • Teen Pregnancy, Un-wed Mothers, Ages 18-24
  • Educational Failure, Limited English Proficiency
  • 504 Designation, Title 1 School Districts
  • Truancy, Reform and Juvenile Delinquency

Strategic Change, Inc. provides:

  • Career Development Training:    Business Accounting and Bookkeeping,  Front Office Administration,  Computer Literacy and Speed Keyboarding,  Employment Preparation and Resume Writing,  and  QuickBooks Software (Enterprise or Pro-Advisor)
  • Consulting Services:    Entrepreneurial,  Small Business  and  Non-Profit Development   www.ConsultingYou.net 
  • Transitional & Career Coaching and Support:    For Ages 15-21
  • Youth Exploration Program:    For Ages 14-18
  • Social Service Benefit Assistance and Case Management:    SNAP, Medicaid, TANF, CHIP and some forms of Disability and Medicare

Strategic Change, Inc. is governed by volunteer Board and Advisory team with delegated duties and responsibilities. In addition, the organization has a host of collaborative partnerships and corporate affiliates that support and aide in the success and sustainability of the establishment.

Strategic Change, Inc. is headquartered north of downtown Dallas, off of I-635 and Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway.

               Corporate Office:   3010 LBJ Freeway,  12th Floor,  Dallas, TX  75234

               Mailing Address:   Post Office Box 182822  Arlington, TX  76096

The office location has direct access to the City of Dallas Public Transportation, i.e., DART Public Bus System:

Administrative Office is occasionally closed for off-site campaigns and other engagements.

                 Administrative Hours:    Monday - Friday:   9:00 am til 5:00 pm

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