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Support Management Services

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Support Management Services are offered primarily to current participants of our Adult Program.

The goal of this Service is to promote self-sufficiency, independence and economic growth.

We are committed to providing high-quality assistance based on an individual's, case-by-case, need.

Support Management Services are generally offered up to one-year, depending on participant enrollment status.

In some cases, Support Management Services may be extended for an additional six-month period.

A case worker specialist will be assigned to appropriate services and goal focus strategies.

Support Management Services require consent and active participation from the client in their decision-making, right to privacy, confidentiality, self-determination, dignity, respect, nondiscrimination, positive behavior and attitude.

Support Management Services may be refused or terminated by either party, at any time and may "not" be offered until successful completion of (2) or more programs, depending on program duration.

Some services may or may not be currently offered .

  • Support Management Services modules, include the following:   
  • In-Take and Benefit Assessments
  • Goal Setting and Long-Term Case Plan Development
  • Service Coordination, Planning and Implementation
  • Progress Managing, Monitoring and Follow-Up
  • Advocacy and Referrals
  • Resource Center and Year-End Case Closure

Services are rendered by appointment only:     Monday - Friday:   11:00 AM  -  5:30 PM

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