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Providing Career Development, Employment and Business Workshops

youth exploration program

Our mission is to provide a supportive environment that encourages youths to explore their career and post-secondary possibilities, while developing an effective step-by-step plan that will assure higher success rates. 


The Youth Exploration Program is designed to promote leadership development, character building, social integration, critical thinking and step-by-step guidance to career  and academic preparation toward meeting future goals and expectations; including evaluations to teach awareness, identify career pathways and align interest and skill-sets.

An annual GALA Event will be hosted during late summer by which scholarships will be gifted to selected candidates.

The Youth Programs are structured for ages:   14 to 18    Students or Non-Students, from any location.

The Youth Program is mostly funded through the Joni Elaine Templeton Foundation, BOA, N.A., Trustee,  OTBC Services, LLC -Corporation and other local and private contributors. 

Each participant is required to pay $5.00 per each session per each program. 

Each program is structured for 10 sessions, held one-time per week for up to 1.5 hours.

Participant "must" provide own transportation directly to and from:   (2019 Location TBD)

Active parental or guardian participation is required during the "Parental/Guardian Engagement" section of the program. -- Parental / Guardian Engagement sections of the program are scheduled to accommodate all parties.

Parental/Guardian engagement will offer:    Awareness,  Encouragement  and  Support

Youth participants will:

  • -  Interact and network, in classroom setting, with other students of similar interests
  • -  Attend hands-on workshops and group meetings to ascertain skill related task
  • -  Examine present and future paths through exclusive exploration techniques
  • -  Create realistic and achievable outcomes that will positively impact their lives

We offer (2) Programs:

  1.      Academic & Workforce Planning 
  2.      Career & Self-Employment Planning

Each participant must take Program 1  (Academic & Workforce Planning) before being allowed to take Program 2 (Career & Self-Employment Planning).

Youth Program Application and Schedule will be available approx. (4) months before each enrollment.

*** Application download can be found at the bottom of this page.  ***

Inform us by downloading the application and submitting it, either:



**** DISCLAIMER ****

Students or youths who are currently enrolled or who have been accepted into a college, university or trade school must seek the advice of the counselor who have been appointed for your post-secondary planning ... by which the appointed administrator of our Academic & Workforce Planning Program will "NOT" offer advice that should deviate from an existing post-secondary counselor but will encourage you to contact the counselor for further information pertaining to the Academic portion of the program. 


Program #1: Academic & Workforce Planning


Program #2: Career & Self-Employment Planning


Youth & Adult Career Programs: GALA Dinner Event


Youth Program Scholarships


Youth Program Schedules


Youth Program Certificates


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